Latest grazing measures

Published 16 November 18


As we enter the end of the grazing season, average growth is continuing on a downward trend as expected, down 2.25 kg DM/ha to 17.40 kg DM/ha across FFK contributor farms for FFK last weekly update for 2018. The variation between contributors who are still measuring the variation noted is similar to previous weeks with a range of 9.2 to 33 kg DM/ha. As you close up the grazing platform for winter, take time to evaluate paddocks performance and productivity to help identify paddocks that could benefit from spring reseeds or infrastructure improvements. Keep a lookout for 2018 season review in the last FFK bi-monthly newsletter next week.

16_nov _bar

 New feature: We've added average farm covers (kg/DM) to the graph represented by the red dots, with the scale on the right.

   16_nov _avg