Latest grazing measurements

Published 20 October 17

Average daily growth rates are noted at 42.31 kg DM/ha, up 2.05 kg DM/ha this week. Growth is continuing to be ahead of the 28.4 kg DM/ha growth rate reported 21October 2016. The variation in growth rates across the contributor farms is still seen with a difference of 43 kg DM/ha between the lowest and highest growth rates. 

The grass quality analysis reports demonstrate average CP levels are continuing to increase slightly, reported at 25.5% in comparison to the 24.8% noted a fortnight ago. The average DM levels have held at 15.9% as well as ME levels, an ME of 12.0 MJ/kg DM was noted.

Wet and windy conditions are forecast for most of GB in the coming week which may challenge grazing conditions in some areas and cows might have to be housed for periods. Flexibility and on-off grazing strategies will help reduce surplus grass and ensure better spring growth.

Growth _bar

Growth _avg

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