Latest grazing measurements

Published 22 September 17

Average daily growth rates are down 8.4kg DM/ha to 47.1kg DM/ha this week. A variation of 61.5 kg DM/ha was reported between the highest and lowest growth rates across Forage for Knowledge (F4K) contributor’s farms. Growth rates are behind the 55.6kg DM/ha noted on 23 September 2016.

The grass quality analysis reports demonstrate a slight increase in ME and DM from previous analysis to 12.2 MJ/kg DM and 17.0% respectively. The DM content of samples submitted by our F4K farmers varied from 12.7 – 20.7%. Average CP is noted at 21.7%, slightly lower than previous weeks, 22.0%.

A few of our F4K farmers have started housing fresh cows or high yielders at night in preparation for the final few months of grazing.

When planning your autumn grazing remember the main objectives are:

-    To keep grass in the diet of the cattle for as long as possible

-    To set up paddocks for grazing the following spring.

Working out your autumn rotation planner will provide targets for closing a proportion of the grazing platform by certain dates. These will vary slightly between farms depending on soil type and the amount of grass likely to grow over the winter. For more information visit Grass+ - Extending your grazing period.

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FINAL_growth _avg _22-9

ME_bar _22-9

Me _avg _22-9

CP_bar _22-9

CP_avg _22-9

DM_bar _22-9

Dm _avg _22-9