Latest grazing measurements

Published 21 October 16

As we approach the end of the grazing season, the cooler weather is starting to take its toll on growth rates, with average growth at just 29kg DM/ha/day last week. On the plus side, the weather has been relatively dry making it much easier to reach the target residuals as paddocks continue to be closed off. Now is a good time to take stock. How well have individual paddocks performed? If they are below target, why is this? Assessment now, can help plan for next year’s grazing season.

Grass Growth 21.10.16

Seasonal Grass Growth 21.10.16

Grass ME 17-10-2016

Culumative ME 17-10-2016

Grass DM 17-10-2016

Culumative DM  17-10-2016

Grass CP 17-10-2016

Culumative CP 17-10-2016