Latest grazing measurements

Published 21 July 17

Grass growth rates are up 9.3 kg DM/ha this week with average daily growth rates of 57.7 kg DM/ha. There is still a high variation between the highest and lowest growth rates with a 86.3 kg DM/ha difference noted. 

For the first time in a few weeks, the increase in growth rates puts us slightly ahead of the 49.3 kg DM/ha reported on 22 July 2016. The widespread rain has been a lifeline for many in helping to correct soil moisture deficits and encouraging grass growth. This has eased the situation for a few Forage for Knowledge (F4K) farmers who are now starting to see covers recover.

By continuing to buffer feed, increase rotation lengths and reduce stocking rates many F4K farms are closing the gap between the supply and demand.

 Growth _bar _21_7

Growth _avg _21-7

Bar _ME_14-7

ME_avg _14-7

DM_bar _14-7

DM_avg _14-7

CP_bar _14-7

CP_avg _14-7