Latest grazing measurements

Published 26 May 17

Daily growth is up 31.5 kg/DM ha this week with an average daily growth of 92.3 kg/DM ha reported by our Forage for Knowledge (F4K) farmers. Once again this week, there is a high variation between the highest and lowest growth rates reported with a 67.7 kg DM/ha difference noted. The average growth for 26th May 2016 reported at 100 kg DM/ha.

Many of our F4K farmers are still closing up paddocks for silage to balance the demand and supply. One F4K farmer is using young stock to clean up after the herd to meet target residuals while others are in need of rain to maintain growth rates. Ensure any paddocks taken out of rotation are cut as close to their expected grazing date as possible to avoid slow re-growth. 

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