grass+ front cover - grassland management resource

Grass represents the highest volume and the cheapest form of feed in the dairy ration - how it is used and managed varies greatly according to the farm system.

Grass+ covers all aspects of grassland management and includes organic sward management, improving efficiency of fertiliser use, buffer feeding and managing high yielders at grass. Grass+ sets a challenge to achieve at least 10 tonnes of utilised dry matter (DM)/ha of grazed grass at a cost of £80 per tonne DM.

It brings together research from DairyCo and other organisations around the world to make it the definitive guide to managing grass.

Chapters include:

  • Planning and managing your grazing
  • Supplementing grazing
  • Planning and managing silage making
  • Optimising N fertiliser practice
  • Grazing high yielding cows

The programme can be worked through by individuals, groups or with a consultant, and can also be dipped into at crucial times in the grass management year when advice and help is most needed.

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