Published 3 September 10

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Employing students and young people

There has been a long tradition of students being employed within agriculture. This can either be as part of a structured 'sandwich' course run by a college or university, a modern apprenticeship, or can simply be a means of a student working part-time during term time or during holidays in order to earn extra money. In the latter case, the student may of course not necessarily be studying a subject linked to agriculture.

However, many students employed on farms are studying agriculture or related subjects, and the work experience they receive is an integral and important part of their learning experience. Many college courses will utilise paid work on farms for student assessment purposes.


It is important to recognise that, while students can provide an important source of semi-skilled and cost-effective labour, it must be borne in mind that the personal development of students employed on farms is an important consideration.

This may mean that students have widely-differing levels of ability and experience, and it is necessary for an employer to take this into consideration when taking-on a student. There are also important legal aspects of student employment such as minimum levels of pay for young workers set by the Agricultural Wages Boards.

Regulations covering students' working hours

Conditions of work for students

Students' pay levels

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