Strategic Dairy Farms

Published 12 November 18

Our strategic farms encourage ‘farmer to farmer’ learning by hosting regular on-farm meetings and openly share their figures against our key performance indicators to show what can be acheived. 

The farms reflect one of two production systems - all year round or block calving (spring or autumn) to build on our optimal dairy systems programme. 

Meet our farmers:    

Houghton Lodge Farm, Leicestershire Chance Hall Farm, Cheshire
Tom And Partners Assess The Cows Low Res Tom & Karen Halton Low Res

Spring block calving, 650 cows, 428ha

Key performance indicators

Previous meetings

All year round calving, 530 cows, 223ha 

- Key performance indicators

- Previous meetings


Dichetts Farm, DevonBuscot Wick Farm, Oxfordshire
The Tucker Family Low Res  Buscot Wick Farm 3

Spring block calving, 240 cows, 182ha

- Key performance indicators

- Previous meetings

Autumn block calving, 360 cows, 1,000ha

- Key performance indicators

- Previous meetings


Coton Wood Farm, Derbyshire   Hillhead of Covington, Lanarkshire
IMG_1255 William Baillie 3

All year round calving, 500 cows, 300ha

- Key performance indicators

All year round calving, 310 cows, 195ha

- Key performance indicators


Carpenters Farm, Wiltshire  
Joe And Irving Carter 

All year round calving, 290 cows, 330ha

- Key performance indicators


Could you be our next Strategic Dairy Farm?

We’re building our network of Strategic Dairy Farms and are looking for passionate farm operators who will be open, receptive and share best practice to get involved.

If you’re a top performer, operating either a tight block (Autumn or Spring) or All Year Round calving system then it could be you. To find out more click here and apply here.


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