Bodysgaw Isa, Denbighshire

Published 25 July 19

Bodysgawbach 1002

About Bodysgaw Isa

Bodysgaw Isa is a 185ha (457ac), all grass tenanted farm on the Cefn Estate. Farmed by the Owen family since 1939. This is a family run farm, with Arthur, Marian, sons Guto and Gwion, daughters Beca and Siwan, and father in law Clwyd. There is also a team of part time milkers.

The autumn block herd is comprised of 375 New Zealand type Friesian Crossbreds, producing 6,788L/cow and 568kg MS/cow. All cows calve down on grass, with low incidence rates of milk fever. Calving begins on 1st September, with 93% of cows calved within 8 weeks. Milk is sold through Arla.

Grazing platform of 103ha (255ac), aiming to graze February until late November. All replacements are home reared, with surplus livestock sold. The farm operates with minimal machinery and extensive use of contractors.

The business scored well against key performance indicators for block calving herds.

Over the next 3 years the challenges will be to fine tune the business and profitably raise milk production from forage (grass and silage), control and reduce Johne’s and Neospora and upgrade slurry storage and utilisation.