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Published 4 July 19

Previous Events 

Launch June 26th 

On June 26th we were delighted to host the launch of Rhual Farm in Flintshire as our first Strategic Dairy Farm.

On joining the strategic dairy farm network, John Booth said: “We were really pleased to be asked to be the first strategic dairy farm for Wales.  We are hoping that by becoming a strategic farm, it will enable us to pay more attention to key performance indicators and help us achieve our business goals through listening to other farmers and other industry professionals.”

The launch saw farmers far and wide come together in the spirit of collaboration as the already high performing farm opened bare their plans to focus on further improvements.

The share farming partnership started with 250 dairy cows producing an average of 7,200 litres per cow per year and now currently milk 336 cows, producing an average of 8,400 litres per cow per year.

John and Anna Booth aim to increase milk yield, litres produced from forage, improve transition cow management and reduce antibiotic usage, all of which they discussed openly with other farmers.

Future events (dates to be confirmed) will chart their progress and bring in specialist speakers to share knowledge with those attending. 

Future events

For upcoming strategic farm events take a look at our events page and filter by dairy.