Mastitis Control Plan

Mastitis Control Plan

Why use the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan?
Whilst mastitis in cattle is well controlled in an historical context, there has been much debate about its apparent resurgence in recent years. In view of these recent changes, and the lack of a structured, co-ordinated approach to understanding and solving mastitis problems in dairy herds, it was felt that there was a need to modify the industry's approach to mastitis control to encapsulate a diagnosis and a whole farm approach.

Economic losses from mastitis range from lost milk quality bonuses to quality penalties for high cell count milk from milk buyers to the costs associated from treating mastitis and having to throw away un-saleable milk. The cost of treating a case of mastitis averages £250-£300, varying from around £60 to treat a mild case of mastitis to the cost of the loss of a cow following a severe case of mastitis. A case study documentis available to download, this gives real life experiance from farmers using the Plan.

What does the DMCP involve?
AHDB Dairy launched the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan, a bespoke plan for individual farms depending on the farm's own circumstances. A detailed survey of the farm is undertaken along with analysing milk bacteriology, disease patterns from monthly milk recording, somatic cell count data and clinical mastitis information. From the interpretation of this information, the farm is given a plan to combat mastitis. This is then reviewed on a regular basis as it takes time from implementation of the plan to see success. Trial work showing full compliance with the advice resulted in a 36% reduction in mastitis, with two thirds compliance with the advice resulting in a 20% reduction in mastitis. A farmer guide is available to download - this gives an overview of the Plan, including development, its content and how the plan works on farm including the review process.

How do I get involved?
First, locate your local Plan Deliverer using the Plan Deliverer Map, along with their contact details.  

Contact your local Plan Deliverer by either email or phone to find out how to engage the Plan on your farm.

Are you a Plan Deliverer?
If you're a trained DMCP Plan Deliverer, or looking to become trained, please visit the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan website