Useful Links


DairyCo can take no responsibility for the information held on websites outside of the organisation.

  • Recycling Guide

    Loads of tips and advice on how to recycle almost everything! Recyling is a big issue and we are here to help.

  • Tetrapak Recycling

    Tetra Pak's motto, "protects what's good", is an extension of our vision - a commitment to make food safe and available everywhere.

  • Recycle Zone

    A site for schools, children and teachers that tells you what's what in the world of waste!

  • Wrap

    WRAP works with local authorities, business and housholds to prevent waste, increase recycling and develop markets for recycled and sustainable products.

  • Recycle More

    The one-stop recycling information centre. You will find help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home,
    at school and in the workplace here.