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Optimal Dairy Systems

We believe the GB dairy industry can achieve significant competitive gains at farm level by focusing on one of two production systems - block calving  or all year round calving. Read more...

Benchmark your performance against a simple set of key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement...


Events and Webinars

We run and support a wide range of events, meetings and webinars for farmers across the UK.

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  • Genetics and Genomics in Dairy - Dumfries and Galloway

    | 16 November 2018 | DG1 1TECome and learn how genomic testing and IVF can help you make more profit from whole herd genetic improvement and breeding efficiency Dan Griffiths, Farm Animal Vet with specialist interest in Genomics and IVF and Fern Pearston AHDB Animal Genetics Manager will present and discuss a number of topics...
  • Strategic dairy farm meeting ‘Feeding the high yielding dairy cow’

    | 4 December 2018 | ML12 6FT Tailoring the diet of a high yielding cow to maximise both health and productivity is a constant challenge. In high yielding herds, marginal gains can have a big impact on the bottom line so join us for the second meeting at our Scottish all-year-round (AYR) calving strategic dairy farm where we’re...
  • Conference Grant Scheme

    | 20 May 2018 | VariousWe're offering a limited number of grants towards the costs of attending a selection of dairy conferences between May 2018 and Feb 2019.
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