About Dairy Farming

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We are all paying more attention to where our food comes from and how the animals and natural resources are treated that provides that food. On behalf of British dairy farmers, AHDB Dairy provides factual information about dairy farming to media, consumers and to the dairy industry.

Consumer promotion activity is vital to win hearts and minds, but alongside that we have our own industry campaign, 'Proud of Dairy' to demonstrate to each other our sense of common purpose. We believe all dairy farmers can get behind some simple ways you can pledge to show your support.

Proud of Dairy is about our dairy industry coming together to build and share a sense of pride in dairy products and dairy farming. This in turn will help the industry to promote a positive and professional image through consumer facing activities.

Proud of Dairy? Get involved to help build and share a sense of pride in dairy products and dairy farming. Click the button to show that you are proud of dairy and follow the instructions to make a pledge. For more information, visit www.proudofdairy.com.

British dairy farmers have a great story to tell about the high standards of animal health and welfare on our farms and how we are rising to the challenge to acknowledge the importance of the environment. This is all achieved by having a positive approach to continuously adapting farming practices and, of course, doing what comes naturally - providing the best care for our animals.

Through levy funded proactive consumer Public Relations work, including www.thisisdairyfarming.com, we take positive, often complex topics about dairy farming and turn them into more simple, appealing stories aiming for coverage online and in national and regional news.

AHDB Dairy are also here to help you with community relations and preparing for school visits. With the help of our resources and publications we can make sure dairy farmers have the materials you need to help educate the community about dairy farming.

Your support is important to help communicate to consumers and there's never been a better time for dairy farmers to get involved.
To help spread the good news about dairy you can signpost the general public and the media to:

www.thisisdairyfarming.com - for more information about dairy farming in Britain, funded by AHDB Dairy

www.milk.co.uk - for more information about dairy products and nutrition funded by The Dairy Council

Want to find out more? Contact amanda.ball@ahdb.org.uk