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Webinar: Robust and resilient dairy systems

When: April 18th 2018 18:00 to 19:00
Online Event Only

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Join César Resch Zafra, researcher in dairy systems at INGACAL (Food Quality Galician Institute) in Galicia for this webinar discussing how dairy farms can face economics, environmental and social volatility.

César will discuss how important it is for the dairy industry, farmers and processors, to increase consumer’s awareness on the role of dairy farming in terms of food producers, environmental issues and social impact. He will also discuss his work in developing blueprints for dairy farmers.

Volatility is here to stay and building a robust and resilient dairy system is key to success as described in the recent DG-Agri Final Report. Dairy For Future Interreg Project is currently underway at Mabegondo Research Center where they are investigating five different feeding systems for dairy herds regarding inputs and outputs with a focus on measuring carbon footprint.




César Resch Zafra is a researcher in dairy systems at INGACAL (Food Quality Galician Institute) in Galicia. César’s research interest focus on dairy husbandry, feed and animal performance. He has over 10 years of research experience in the field of dairy systems and economics of dairy industry in Galicia where he focused on improving fatty acids profile of dairy cows diet by using legumes.

Before joining INGACAL, César spent 15 years working for a private company where he focused on nutrition, forage quality and economics in relation to dairy farming.

César graduated in Agronomy before specialising in Animal production and completing a PhD focusing on the economics of dairy nutrition. César previously worked on dairy farms in New Zealand and France.



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