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Webinar: Which genetic ranking to use - £PLI, £SCI or £ACI?

When: September 25th 2018 19:00 to 20:00
Online Event Only

What’s the different between £ACI, £SCI and £PLI? Join our genetics webinar, that will explore these three economic breeding indexes, published as part of our genetic evaluation service. Animal genetic experts Marco Winters and Fern Pearston will talk farmers through the different indexes, designed to easily rank animals that transmit the most profitable combination of genetic traits to suit the various farming systems found in the UK.

The three genetic merit rankings we calculate and the system for which they are designed are:

  • £PLI – Profitable Lifetime Index for All-year-round calving herds
  • £ACI – Autumn Calving Index for Autumn block-calving herds
  • £SCI – Spring Calving Index for Spring block-calving herds

This webinar will cover:

  • The different between £ACI, £SCI and £PLI
  • When is it appropriate to use £ACI, £SCI and £PLI
  • Genetics KPI’s as part of AHDB’s Optimal Dairy Systems activity

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