Milk to feed price ratio

Published 17 April 18

The Milk to Feed Price Ratio (MFPR) tracker gives an indication of the balance between milk income and feed costs. The MFPR is not a replacement for analysis on the full costs of production.


milk to feed price ratio table


Note: numbers may not sum exactly due to rounding

 milk to feed price ratio graph


The ratio will vary greatly from farm-to-farm depending on milk price achieved and type of feed used. The ratio should only be used as a guide to the cost-revenue relationship in the country. For a more detailed indication of production costs click here.

The milk price used is the Defra farmgate average for GB excluding retrospective bonuses.

The feed price used is for concentrate feed. Prices are an average between Promar Milkminder Dairy Costings and Kingshay Dairy Costings.

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