UK, GB and NI Farmgate Prices

Published 13 November 18

The Defra average farmgate prices represents the average price paid by dairies for all milk purchased in the month. It is a weighted average calculated from information collected on total value and volumes of purchased milk in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The survey used to collect this information covers approximately 90% of all milk purchased from farms in the UK.

For information on representative prices paid to producers by individual milk buyers, please refer to the AHDB Milk Price Calculator.

  • The UK ‘all milk’ average price for September, as reported by Defra at 30.63ppl, was up 3.2% compared with the previous month.
  • The average price paid for milk in NI, in September, was 29.31ppl, 5.0% lower than the average paid in GB.
  • Prices paid on non-aligned contracts were 0.01ppl above those for aligned contracts in September.
  • The GB 5-year average price was 27.80ppl in September, down marginally from the same the month in 2017, when it was 28.02ppl, showing the relative stability of the 5-year average over the year.

GB farmgate prices_table


 UK Farmgate Price -Monthly


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