UK Monthly and Annual Milk Deliveries

Published 1 October 19

Wholesale Milk Deliveries to UK Dairies (not butterfat adjusted)

 010_monthly _and _annnual _table

Numbers may not sum exactly due to rounding. 

Please note: Some monthly figures do not match the production Defra figures. They are estimated by AHDB based on the Daily Delivery Survey. This is because there are significant month on month variations in the Defra figures that cannot be explained. 

*AHDB estimates monthly milk production from weekly milk deliveries survey data. Daily deliveries are collected from the larger UK dairy companies and are scaled to reflect 100% of deliveries using the Defra monthly production figure for the latest available month. This is an estimate based on latest information and is subject to retrospective changes.

Source:Defra / RPA / DAERA / AHDB

011_monthly _and _annnual _graph


Source: Defra / RPA / DAERA / AHDB

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