Archive: Calf numbers still strong

Published 5 August 14

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In the twelve months to June 2014, the total number of calf registrations in GB amounted to just under 1.36million – the highest level since January 2013. Part of this is due to the seasonal increase in calvings in March 2014, which were well above previous years’ levels. These however had fallen back slightly as a result of the challenging weather conditions in 2012 and 2013.

This latest growth could indicate the potential for the national dairy herd to expand, particularly as the number of dairy-sired cull cows sold in the first six months of the year is well below those of the last two years. With another peak in calvings normally occurring in August, registrations over the coming months, as well the number of those kept as replacements, will be key to determining whether this growth will occur or if the increased numbers are simply a reflection of a potential shift to spring-block calving.

BCMS calf numbers