Archive: End of milk quotas to impact on EU beef market?

Published 6 October 14

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Milk quotas will finally end in April 2015, having been part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) since 1984. It is considered that the quota regime has contributed to the decline in EU beef and veal production in the last 30 years. It is generally accepted and already starting to occur that, with the end of restrictions, milk output will expand in some countries and/or regions, assuming there are no environmental constraints. Competiveness will assume greater importance under a free market. Some producers in the EU are already substituting suckler cows for dairy cows, with evidence of beef cow numbers in decline. This development could well continue as, generally, milk production is more profitable than specialist beef production. What could be the impact on the outlook for the EU beef and veal market in the next 10 years? The full analysis can be found in the EBLEX publication Cattle and Sheep market update.