Archive: UK daily deliveries pick up, despite lower milk prices

Published 26 September 14

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Despite falling milk prices, UK milk production is still maintaining its impressive pace. Recent UK daily milk deliveries even appear to have picked up; deliveries in the week ending 20 September were 0.9% higher than the week previous. This recent increase is unusual but has occurred in some milk years, including 2006/07 and 2009/10. In these years, production returned to a downward trend in the final week of September and therefore forthcoming updates are likely to be key in identifying how long this upturn could last for.

Favourable conditions for production appear to be overriding the lower milk price. In addition, there are continued signals that the national dairy herd is expanding and the current dairy cattle trade is reported to be buoyant. It has been suggested that some producers may be boosting individual production to offset lower base prices, however any plans to do this should be talked through with processors, as well as completing plans in an efficient manner in order to make a real difference to overall margins.

Dailies 26 Sept 14