Research to develop the application of lean management techniques for dairy farming

Executive summary of Lean Management

Pilot 1 and 2

An executive summary of the two Lean Management pilots funded by DairyCo and conducted by Reasheath College with Streamline Farm Management.

During the two pilots it was tested:

  1. Is it possible to apply the principles of lean management to dairy farms?
  2. If they are applied, do they result in increased efficiencies and therefore profits?
  3. Whether dairy consultants, given appropriate training, are able to guide their clients through the implementation of lean management principles and techniques on dairy farms
  4. Whether the dairy consultant’s intervention results in measurable efficiency gains in terms of increased unit net margins relative to the previous year’s performance, and also, at a lower level, in terms of improved technical performance
  5. If efficiency gains are found in the first year or credibly planned for the second year, to understand whether the improvement was achieved through the consultant’s direct management input to the dairy enterprise or whether the client improved his/her own management performance by adopting the lean principles and techniques with the consultant’s coaching.