Antimicrobial Use (AMU) Calculator

Antimicrobial Use  (AMU) Calculator  - A freely available tool to measure antimicrobial use on farm.

Antimicrobial use in livestock continues to be a prominent topic in the mainstream media. Veterinarians in the farm and animal industry are gatekeepers of antibiotic usage and a key route to reduction is raising awareness and non-antimicrobial disease prevention.

The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science Herd Health Group have developed an online calculator to evaluate antibiotic use on dairy farms. This user-friendly calculator can be used to evaluate key areas and to encourage antibiotics use more responsibly.The medicines used on the farm can be entered into the calculator and the products will be converted into commonly used measurements of antimicrobial use (mg/Population Correction Unit (PCU) – PCU and Defined Daily Dose – DDD). Use of highest priority critically important antimicrobials (CIAs) can also be highlighted.

From the research into developing this calculator, the infographics illustrate six common diseases and provide alternative antibiotics treatments and methods to help reduce antibiotic usage.

Please remember all antibiotics (and other medicines) policies should be discussed with your own veterinary surgeon.

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