Latest grazing measures

Published 20 July 18

Another week of dry and warm weather has forced average grass growth down a further 2.45kg DM/ha to 17.1 kg DM/ha across our contributor farms this week – falling further behind the 57.7 kg DM/ha recorded at the same time last year. Variation across our farms between the highest and lowest growth rates are still high with a difference of 34.3 kg DM/ha noted.

Remember that bales can be opened almost immediately whilst clamp silages will be at a greater risk of aerobic deterioration the quicker they are opened. In the current situation leaving clamps for 4 weeks will be beneficial to clamp stability.  Clamp face management will be critical if high dry matter forage are being fed when ambient temperatures are high.

The grass quality data shows:

•             Energy content (ME) averaging 11.5 MJ/kg DM

•             Dry Matter (DM) averaging 29.9%

•             Crude protein (CP) content averaging 18.9%

Average DM and CP have increased while ME has declined since the start of July. In comparison to the same time last year, DM is higher whilst CP and ME are lower.

With the high temperatures here to stay check out our top tips for coping with dry and warm conditions.

20_july Bar Growth

 New feature: We've added average farm covers (kg/DM) to the graph represented by the red dots, with the scale on the right.

  20 July Avg Growth 

6 July DM (2)

6 July ME (2)

6 July CP