Latest grazing measures

Published 18 May 18

Average daily growth rates are up 2.4 kg DM/ha to 79 kg DM/ha across our contributor farms this week. Growth is still ahead of the 60.9 kg DM/ha recorded in mid-May last year.

The variation between the highest and lowest rates continues to increase with a difference of 122.4 kg DM/ha noted.

The majority of farmers have been cutting silage to help manage surplus grass. As the dry weather continues, remember to regularly evaluate your demand and supply balance, especially on dry farms. It is critical to keep monitoring the grazing platform regularly as a potential drop in grass quality may occur as the grass enters the reproductive period. 


Bar Growth 19 May

 New feature: We've added average farm covers (kg/DM) to the graph represented by the red dots, with the scale on the right.

  18 May Growth Avg 

Bar Dm _may 11

ME Bar _may 11

Cp Bar _may 11