Latest grazing measurements

Published 23 September 16

Grass growth has been powering ahead this week on most of our Forage for Knowledge contributor farms, with average growth rates of 57kg DM/ha/day. The combination of moisture and warm weather is keeping growth above average for this time of year, and for most farms, this will provide a welcome boost in the efforts to keep feed costs down this autumn. Management of the sward becomes ever more important as attention shifts to planning the final rotations and setting targets for the following spring.   

Grass Growth 23.9.16

Seasonal Grass Growth 23.9.16

Grass DM 16.9.16

Seasonal DM 16.9.16

Grass ME 16.9.16

Seasonal ME 16.9.16

Grass CP 16.9.16

Seasonal CP 16.9.16