Latest grazing measurements

Published 20 November 15

GG 2013 DM 2013 CP 2013 ME 2013Managing your grass well will have a hugely beneficial effect on the level and persistance of ME and CP. By maintaining these levels you should find that you have consistently high results across the whole season.

The only part of the analysis you can't control is DM but these fluctuations can be managed if you know the weather.Grass Analysis is measuring four key areas: Grass Growth, Metabolisable Energy (ME), Crude Protein (CP), Dry Matter (DM)

You wouldn't feed silage in the winter ration without some idea of its worth and we should be taking the same approach with grazed grass.

Your local AHDB Dairy Extension Officer can help you manage your grassland to get the most out of it like the farmers participating in this data collection.

Forage for knowledge interactive map helps to give a geographical representation of grass growth from farms across the country. As part of the project we will be following 12 farmers across GB as they aim to supply high quality grazing consistently over the season. You can meet the farmers and find out a bit more about them or view the lastest grass growth updates using the interactive map below.

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