Latest grazing measurements

Published 22 July 16

It was a game of two halves across the Forage for Knowledge contributor farms this week, with growth rates ranging from lows of 30 to the dizzy heights of 101kg DM/ha/day. Most of the farms are in a position to manage the growth they have by adjusting the rotation length, removing paddocks for silage or offering supplementary feed. The weekly assessment of grass growth helps greatly with these management decisions.

By comparison to growth, this week’s grass quality is considerably less variable across the contributor farms. Average metabolisable energy (ME) of the samples submitted was 11.6MJ/kg DM, considerably lower than the six year average for the same period. Crude protein, by contrast is on a par with samples submitted in previous years, averaging 21.6% this week. Both of these measurements as well as DM are important in planning the nutrition of your stock. In the most recent AHDB Calf to Calving meetings we are discussing just that – how can the requirements of the replacement heifer be matched with nutrients supplied by the grass. For more information on upcoming meetings in your area please visit our events page.