Key Performance Indicators

You can track and benchmark your own performance against our Strategic Dairy Farms through a set of five key indicators, which are set out in the table below.

Houghton Lodge Farm KPI Targets

Houghton Lodge Farm Target


1) Age at first calving (Indicator of youngstock management, key to future health of animal, longevity and profitability)

24 Months

Sum of ages of first calvings ÷ total number of first calvings

2) Overall pregnancy rate (Measure of fertility which is an indicator of breeding potential and a key driver of profit)

>58 %

No. Confirmed Pregnancies ÷ No. of Inseminations × 100

3) Milk from forage (Utilisation of grazed grass and conserved forage as the cheapest sources of feed drives profit)

3500 litres from forage

[Total Milk production (litres or kgs) - (total concentrate use ÷ by 0.45)] ÷ by the average number of cows in the herd=

4) Income (profit) retained % (Comparable measure of profitability)

19% after rent and finance

Profit (before tax and drawings) ÷ Total Income (sales and inventory change) × 100

5) Return on tenants capital (A return on the capital invested in the business, indicator of the ability of business to generate wealth)

20 %

Profit (before tax and drawings) ÷ Total Capital Employed (management values for Livestock, Machinery, and Working Capital) x 100