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Optimal Dairy Systems

We believe the GB dairy industry can achieve significant competitive gains at farm level by focusing on one of two production systems:

• Block calving where all cows calve within a 12 week window

• All year round calving with no dry period or seasonal emphasis 

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Events and Webinars

We run and support a wide range of events, meetings and webinars for farmers across the UK.

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  • Managing Soils to Grow More Grass

    | 26 September 2017 | LE17 4LYGood grassland management begins underground: the right soil structure, pH and nutrient supply must all be in place
  • The Dairy Show

    | 4 October 2017 | BA4 6QNThis one day event has become one of the most important dates in the dairy farmer’s calendar. We welcome farmers to come and ask questions about our new approach based around optimal production systems.
  • Strategic Dairy Farm Fertility, Body Condition Scoring & Financial Update

    | 5 October 2017 | LE7 9GBFertility is one of the major factors affecting the profitability of any dairy herd and can account for one of the major costs on farm, but especially so with a block calving system. You are invited to our next Strategic Dairy Farm meeting where we will look at which factors influence fertility.
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