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Optimal Dairy Systems

We believe the GB dairy industry can achieve significant competitive gains at farm level by focusing on one of two production systems:

• Block calving where all cows calve within a 12 week window

• All year round calving with no dry period or seasonal emphasis 

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Events and Webinars

We run and support a wide range of events, meetings and webinars for farmers across the UK.

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  • Managing Soils to Grow More Grass

    | 26 September 2017 | LE17 4LYGood grassland management begins underground: the right soil structure, pH and nutrient supply must all be in place
  • Calf Management and Environment

    | 27 September 2017 | LL15 2LBNationally calf rearing losses are still running at too high a level. Join AHDB Dairy and Farming Connect to discuss calf nutrition and management up to weaning, and how ventilation, moisture, humidity and temperature impacts on calf health and performance.
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  • Creating the Dairy Campaign

    Right now is an exciting and challenging time to be working in the dairy industry, and as a Market Development specialist the challenge is very unique. How to step back in to supporting the varied, valuable dairy goods that our farmers provide to the UK and abroad?15 September 2017
  • Dairy industry urged to make the most of Brexit opportunities

    There are huge opportunities for UK dairy after leaving the EU but the industry must shape up in order to exploit them effectively.15 September 2017
  • A new approach to dairy systems

    Tom Hind, AHDB Chief Strategy Officer talks about how AHDB will help deliver a more competitive industry through optimal dairy systems.8 September 2017
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