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Conference Grant Scheme

When: May 20th - 28th 2019
Location: VARIOUS

AHDB Dairy is again offering a limited number of grants towards a selection of conferences to continue to encourage profitable growth and development of dairy farming in GB.

Farmers are busy, so may think twice about taking a few days away from the farm. However, attending a conference might be just what you need to uncover new ways to growing your business - whether that’s gaining technical knowledge, improving your business skills or for networking.

Three reasons to attend a conference:

  • Learning opportunities: Everyone can learn, whatever your experience. A conference can expose you to new trends, ideas or fresh points of view that we may miss in our everyday lives.
  • Meeting with academics, industry and suppliers: In volatile markets, discovering pioneering services or ground-breaking products may be necessary to keep competitive. Mixing with the industry, people you may not normally get to encounter, may provide you with a better understanding of the current business climate.
  • Networking with peers: Collaboration amongst farmers can spark inspiration and help unearth ideas that might not have been uncovered alone. Conferences are a great place to meet like-minded farmers and widen your social circle.

The grants available are listed below


Date of Event/Conference

Max. No. of places offered

Grant Award Amount

Closing Date for Applications

Notification of Application outcome

ONE18, Alltech - Lexington, Kentucky, USA      


20th - 22nd May'18



22nd April’18

4th May’18


Dairy Industry Newsletter (DIN) Conference - Copthorne Tara Hotel, London


24th - 25th May'18



Total Dairy -The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon               

4th - 5th July'18



20th May’18

1st June’18


IDF - Daejeon, South Korea   




15th - 19th October'18





LIC Pasture to Profit Conference 

16th Oct’18 (08.30 – 17.00) 



28th Sept’18

3rd Oct’18


Semex, Radisson Blue Hotel, Glasgow

13th - 15th January'19



7th Dec’18

21st Dec’18

Positive Farmers - Location TBC     

16th - 17th January'19



British Cattle Breeders Club Conference - Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, Telford

21st - 23rd January'19



Western Dairy Conference, Reno, USA      

26th - 28th Febuary'19




Bespoke Applications - Applicants have the opportunity to tender for funding to a conference of their choice that would personally benefit their dairy business.




On going

21st Dec’18

 It is expected that winning applicants share feedback with us from the event they attend. Winners from previous rounds readily shared not only with us, but often with friends, neighbours and discussion groups. Allowing the impact of the grant to reach far beyond the recipient.

Please note that the successful applicants will have to book their own place and make any arrangement for accommodation themselves. Any additional costs will be paid for by the successful applicant. The appropriate grant amount will then be paid retrospectively on supply of evidence of attendance.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places offered, the most appropriate applicant will be chosen based on the information given in the application form, and if required the referee. In the event of a competition for places an AHDB Dairy board member will oversee the selection of those receiving the grant.

A scoring system for the answers on the form has been prepared and is designed to select the candidates who will benefit most from attendance.

Only levy payers, those working in a levy paying business, and new entrants/agricultural students are eligible to apply. AHDB Dairy staff, AHDB Dairy Board members and those working within industry (family and employed staff) are not eligible to apply.

To apply for a grant please complete the application form which can be downloaded here. Completed forms or enquiries should be emailed to