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Key statisticsValuePercentage ChangesNext update
(Week Commencing)
UK Monthly Farmgate Prices - July 2017 27.78ppl +3.9% (mom) 11/09/2017
Monthly Fuel Tracker - UK Red Diesel - Aug 2017 51.05ppl +3.4% (mom) 02/10/2017
UK Monthly Milk Production - Jul 17 1,186m litres +1.8% (yoy) 25/09/2017
UK Cream Wholesale Price - August 2017 £2,850/tonne +14% (mom) 24/09/2017
AMPE - August 2017 40.1ppl +9% (mom) 24/09/2017
MCVE - August 2017 38.7ppl +4% (mom) 24/09/2017
Cream Income to a Liquid Processor - August 2017 16.7ppl +14% (mom) 24/09/2017
  • (mom) = month-on-month-comparison
  • (yoy) = year-on-year-comparison

Interactive milk price calculator

The AHDB Dairy Interactive Milk Price Calculator has been created as an online tool to assist farmers in achieving the best milk price possible. By inputting your own data it is possible to produce a calculation specific to your dairy farming business

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Latest News & Analysis

  • The varying profiles from block calving herds

    As part of our new approach on optimal dairy systems, we have looked at the differing milk production profiles of spring and autumn block herds to help farmers understand one impact of operating a block calving system. It is the variation in timing of the block, as well as the combination of spring and autumn block herds, that can provide a relatively flat profile overall from a milk pool. This allows farmers to deliver what their milk buyer desires, while still having the flexibility to run the system that is optimal to them. 20 September 2017
  • Aging stocks of SMP

    EU prices for skim milk powder (SMP) ranged between €1,650 and €1,815/tonne in August, but dipped below the intervention rate of €1,698/tonne in the first week of September in some markets. This is likely in response to the impending closure of the intervention programme at the end of the month. There remains over 350k tonnes of skim milk powder to be sold, despite the Commission holding 12 tenders. 20 September 2017
  • Milking herd stable but young stock down

    The total GB dairy herd is 1.2% smaller in July 2017 than July 2016, which follows similar reporting of year-on-year contractions in April and January this year. Although the total herd size is down, the milking herd is now at a very similar level to July 2016, halting the year-on-year declines recorded in January and April. 20 September 2017
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