Dairy Campaign materials

Merchandise is now available for AHDB Levy Payers to order, to support the dairy consumer campaign.

Please note that orders of our merchandise are subject to stock numbers. We are currently out of stock so we cannot fulfil orders at this moment in time. We will endeavour to get orders up and running again as soon as possible. 

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WARNING: we frequently post mouth-watering recipes, we cannot be held accountable for any stomach rumbles you may feel.


Posters are available to download as A4 here (click on image and it will take you to all five posters, where you can choose the relevant ones to print). Or you can order them as A2.

Dairy Campaign Posters 1_Thumbnail -sm  Dairy Campaign Posters 2_Thumbnail -sm  Dairy Campaign Posters 3_Thumbnail -sm  Dairy Campaign Posters 4_Thumbnail -sm  Dairy Campaign Posters 5_Thumbnail -sm


5x1.3m banner or 9ft by 3ft farmgate banner and car stickers 

Dairy Campaign Banner _Thumbnail -sm





Re-usable cup (there is a limit on the number you can order)

Cup Mock Up

To order these materials please contact your Knowledge Exchange Manager to allow us to process the order.