Archive: Irish milk production high but superlevy expectation reduced

Published 8 July 14

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Milk production in Ireland reached 784m litres in the peak month of May, an increase of 7% over the previous year. While it would appear that Irish farmers have the ability to increase production, there is still the threat of superlevy that could hold them back this year, as it did at the end of 2013/14. Reports suggest Ireland finished the 2013/14 milk year approximately 1% over quota (after butterfat adjustment), a reduction in previous estimates. It appears that dairy farmers in Ireland tightened up on managing supply in the last few months of the quota year in response to the threat of superlevy.

A proposal to amend butterfat correction coefficients is currently with the European Commission in an attempt to ease the potential superlevy burden on dairy farmers. Should the proposal be successful, there may be fewer constraints on milk production growth in those Member States currently limited by quotas.

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