Extra DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan training scheduled

Published 16 June 09

DairyCo has added an extra training event for vets and consultants for the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan which will take place in July and August.

Demand for training is growing, and as a result, the extra event has been booked at Warwick Mill Business Park, Carlisle. The training takes two days, the first day is 1 July and the second on11 August.

DairyCo Knowledge Transfer product manager Kate Cross is delighted with the uptake: "We've been really pleased to see the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan training is so popular," she says. "The plan is a huge step forward in the diagnosis and treatment of mastitis, and we really want to make sure we maximise the impact that it has on the dairy industry."

The course is run in small groups with a high tutor to delegate ratio, and will be delivered by the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan team, Prof. Martin Green, Dr. Andrew Bradley, Dr James Breen and Chris Hudson.

As well as qualifying as CPD, additional material will be available to Plan users including access to electronic resources and ongoing support in implementation of the Mastitis Control Plan.

To book a place contact Taurus CPD by calling: 01749 871171 or email: mastitiscontrol@qmms.co.uk.


Date 16 June 2009