New Muck and Slurry on Clover Swards leaflet

Published 23 December 11

DairyCo's new publication, Muck and slurry on clover swards gives guidance on why, how and when to use white and red clovers.  The guide also sets out slurry spreading guidelines including when and how to apply.

There is huge potential on grassland farms to increase the amount and quality of grass and clover that is grown and eaten.  While feed and fertiliser prices remain high, having a dependable source of home-grown protein such as clover in the fields, offers some protection from ever-rising input costs.

White and red clovers provide a good source of protein in ruminant diets, both when grazed and conserved, and have high in take characteristics. There is the added benefit of nitrogen fixation by the clover plan to less artificial nitrogen fertiliser is required for grass growth.  Clover-rich swards fit well into forage or arable rotations, and can benefit soil fertility and structure.

Download the guide here or order by calling DairyCo publications on 024 7647 8702 or emailing