New bilingual resources for schools on World School Milk Day

Published 6 October 11

To celebrate World School Milk Day this year DairyCo, working in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF)  launched their new Welsh bilingual educational resources via the 'Food- a fact of life'education website ( 

DairyCo's schools and education manager, Diane Symes says: "Welsh language materials have been firmly on the agenda for DairyCo/BNF as part of their continued support of schools in Wales, and we are delighted that by working together with the BNF we have been able to start this process of providing up-to-date, accurate resources in the Welsh language.

Primary schools now have access to six engaging stories about food and farming which include videos and interactive activities. Materials for secondary schools are available on topics such as the environment and sustainability, the health and welfare of cows, milk production and British dairy farming. All these materials are available at     

Head of dairy development Wales Delyth Davies added: "We are pleased to be able to provide a greater breadth of Welsh material to schools in Wales with the aim of providing children with a better understanding of food and farming."     

The resources are all curriculum compliant and were developed in conjunction with the Welsh Education Working Group, who comprise of primary and secondary school teachers, examination experts and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Wales.

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Alun Davies AM welcomed the introduction of the materials. He said: "Understanding where our food comes from, how it is made and how what we eat can affect our health is vitally important for our children. These materials will be a very useful tool for teachers as well as promoting the excellent work our farmers and food producers do in providing tasty and healthy food for Welsh consumers."

The resources can be found here:

Primary resources (English and Welsh)

Secondary resources (Welsh)


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