NACFT announce the creation of the Register of Cattle Foot Trimmers

Published 31 August 16

NACFT Chairman, Steve Paul, said he is delighted to announce the creation of the Register of Cattle Foot Trimmers which though created by the NACFT, will be autonomous, acting independently from the NACFT with its own powers, identity and website.

NACFT Vet Liaison Officer and Committee Member, Sotirios Karvountzis, said “We’ve been listening hard to welfare groups, the AHDB Mobility Steering Group, supermarkets and milk wholesalers and we felt it was important to set up an independent advisory and disciplinary body that would represent and help protect the interests of milk producers. As an association we have always believed that only properly qualified foot trimmers should be trimming the nation’s herds but a professional register of properly qualified foot trimmers that farmers could refer to and communicate with in this day and age, is very prescient.”

Steve Paul announced that Mrs. Jo Speed will be the inaugural Registrar of the ROCFT. He explained that as a well-respected dairy industry professional who was instrumental in developing the AHDB Mobility Score and was also involved with the development of the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme, Jo is perfectly suited for this role. As Registrar of the ROCFT, she has been asked to form the ROCFT Committee which will comprise of foot trimmers, vets, farmers, representatives from the dairy supply/supermarket industry and any other third-party that the emerging ROCFT Committee feel are relevant.

All fully licensed cattle foot trimmers must take a bi-annual industry-recognised Check Day exam to remain fully qualified and current. Sotirios Karvountzis commented that this exam and the creation of the Register of Cattle Foot Trimmers will further set a bench mark of quality and confidence on which farmers, welfare groups and all other interested parties will be able to rely.

For further information, please contact:
Jo Speed at 07900 502860
Steve Paul at 07850 960570
Sotirios Karvountzis at 07970 943861
Henrietta Stickland at 07977 998052