13 percent drop in GB milk deliveries

Published 22 August 17

Milk deliveries in GB are estimated to have fallen by 13% between the middle of May and middle of August. This seasonal fall is in line with the drop recorded last year, but is significantly greater than the decline normally recorded at this time of year.

Over the previous 5 years, the average drop over the same period has been just 10%. To put that into perspective, if deliveries had fallen 10% this year, Britain would currently be producing 1m litres of milk per day more than it is.

GB milk deliveries Aug-17 

Overall GB milk deliveries are currently running 0.8% above last year. July deliveries are estimated to have come out at 989m litres, which was 1.4% above last year. These numbers are still liable to change once the Defra official milk deliveries numbers are made available. Latest milk deliveries figures can be found here.