China’s appetite for dairy products develops

Published 27 January 16

Chinese trade data for 2015 shows a shift in demand towards higher value dairy products. Cheese and butter imports between January and November accounted for just under 20% of dairy imports in 2015 compared to around 10% for the same period in the previous two years. While imports of both butter and cheese have been steadily increasing since 2010, cheese imports have seen the largest growth. So far in 2015, cheese imports have reached 68,000 tonnes (up 12%) compared to last year.

While there has been an increase in demand for these higher value products, total imports have dropped by around a third so far this year. This is due to the significant reductions in purchases of WMP and SMP during the year, which together account for more than 80% of total imports.

 27/01/16 Chinese dairy imports