Global production peak at 3-year low

Published 19 January 17

Milk production from the five main exporting nations has recorded its lowest October peak in three years. Global milk supplies normally increase in October due to the timing of Oceania’s peak production period. This year, however, New Zealand (NZ) has seen its lowest peak since 2012, while Australia is currently running at a nine-year low. 

Production in the EU-28 is also slowing down and likely to end 2016 with total production up 0.5% on 2015. Most of the key dairy producing Member States reported substantial drops in deliveries in November, with Germany, France and the UK down 5.2%, 7.6% and 7.3%, respectively. Although the Netherlands’ and Ireland’s deliveries in November were not down on previous year levels, production growth has slowed considerably in both countries.

Global Milk Production