UK milk production stagnates

Published 30 January 18

UK milk production for December is provisionally put at 1,212m litres, 3.9% above the AHDB estimate* for December last year.

At the end of November UK milk production was running more than 7% ahead of last year. However, with volumes remaining static for the last month, latest milk production figures (up to 20 Jan) suggest volumes are now back in line with last year.

 UK milk production Jan18

According to AHDB estimates*, UK production in 2017 finished at 14.7bn litres, 470m litres (3.3%) above 2016.

* Please note: AHDB has estimated UK and GB milk production figures for May to December 2016 and July to September 2017 based on the Daily Delivery Survey. This is because there are significant month on month variations in the Defra figures that cannot be explained.