DairyCo’s Marco Winters on BBC Countryfile

Published 12 May 15

In BBC’s Countryfile episode from Sunday (10/5/15), Adam Henson finds out about his farming hero, Robert Bakewell. In the 18th century, Bakewell introduced the concept of selective breeding into farming, identifying good bulls and good cows and with this he changed the agricultural landscape forever.

In the programme Adam visits Pat Stanley, who meticulously breeds Longhorns, one of the breeds Robert Bakewell created. He then learns how his techniques are still being used today – but with the help of modern science and technology.

Together with Marco Winters DairyCo’s head of genetics, Adam visits a bull stud in York where some of the world’s very best genomic bulls are housed. These bulls were selected for the genetic qualities they are expected to pass onto the next generation. Marco explains: “Today we can look at the DNA and actually pinpoint pretty much exactly what it is that we want to improve.”

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