Webinar – concentrate supplementation strategies

Published 19 May 15

Dr Andrew Dale will be focusing on concentrate supplementation strategies for grazing dairy cows in a webinar, jointly organised by DairyCo and AgriSearch, tomorrow Wednesday 20 May at 19:00.

Efficiently utilised grazed grass remains the cheapest feedstuff available to dairy farmers in the UK however the milk yield potential of most dairy cows has increased significantly during the last few decades. As a result grazed grass alone may be unable to meet the cows energy requirements. To keep feed costs low, optimising concentrate feeding during the grazing period is essential. The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute and AgriSearch in Northern Ireland have been identifying concentrate feeding strategies for grazing cows to ensure an economic milk-yield response is achieved when concentrates are offered.

In the webinar Dr Dale will cover:

  • Optimising concentrate feed rates in grazing cows throughout the season
  • Substitution rates – how much milk can grazed grass support when supplementing?
  • Is it cost effective to supplement?

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