Lameness Advantage factsheet

Published 3 April 18

Lameness Advantage enables dairy farmers to reduce the incidence of lameness in their herd through direct genetic selection, rather than indirect selection, through, for example, selecting for improved locomotion or Feet & Legs composites. Published by AHDB Dairy from April 2018, Lameness Advantage helps to address one of the most costly challenges faced by British dairy farmers today, as well as a major welfare concern of the industry.

Lameness Advantage Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) combine existing type data for locomotion and Feet & Legs, together with bone quality scores and digital dermatitis records from the National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC) type classification system and, most importantly, includes direct lameness recording supplied by the milk recording companies, National Milk Records (NMR) and Cattle Information Service (CIS). This PTA is available for all breeds of bull evaluated in the UK and genomically evaluated Holsteins.

Download the factsheet here.