Godro Issue 23

Published 1 May 14

Cymraeg view


In this issue DairyCo head of genetics Marco Winters explains how you could end up with the wrong kind of cow if you fail to consider your long-term markets for milk. You can also read all about how new entrants Richard and Matthew Roberts have turned to a robotic milking system and the Jersey cow to ensure a future in the dairy industry. Seed mixture selection is a key factor influencing grass production and quality and that is why Plas Farm,

Bancyfelin decided to sow several mixtures, with the aim of identifying which ‘type’ of mixture suits their land and their farming system. Learn more about how the different leys are performing inside this issue. Proactively monitoring and managing the hoof health of your dairy herd takes some effort but the returns are worth it. Inside this issue you can learn how to use the The DairyCo Healthy Feet Programme (DHFP) to reduce the number of lame cows in your herd.