Working with Industry

Industry is working together on solutions to the current challenges facing dairy farmers. We regularly meet with colleagues from The Dairy Council, Dairy UK  and the NFU  to discuss issues and challenges and to identify opportunities for collaborative working. By doing so and ensuring consistency of messages and alignment of activity we can have a greater impact and outcome.

In addition, we work closely with other industry organisations to coordinate campaign activity resulting in added value for dairy farmers. For example our  'Discover Dairy' campaign has been developed to run parallel with Red Tractor Assurance activity and will be underpinned by a call to action to 'Trust the Tractor' on dairy products.

Through AHDB we also support Open Farm Sunday and have a range of resources available to farmers who are thinking about opening their farms or visiting schools or consumer groups . 

Not just dairy farming?  The AHDB Education Group works together to provide a variety of materials from across the levy boards, find out more here.  We also support Out of the Classroom activity through 3rd party industry organisations eg: FACE, RHET and LEAF