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AHDB Dairy Breeding is the independent source for the latest UK genetic evaluation results, explanations of the indices and statistical analysis of all major breeds in the United Kingdom.

To ensure you use the genetics best suited to your business, please select from the correct index below to be directed to the relevant bull lists. Further details on each index can be found below via the links below.

The majority of farms
Spring block calving herds Autumn block calving herds
All year round calving herds

Making extensive use of spring grass

Targeting 7,500 kgs/yr
Within breed selection Across-breed selections Across-breed selections

Revised and updated version of 2018

Profitable Lifetime Index

Revised and updated version of 2018

Spring Calving Index

Emphasising good fertility
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If you would like to register for your herd’s genetic summary, please email with your name, address and milk recording number. Log in details will be sent to you by email within two working days.


Use the videos below to learn more about the genetic evaluations AHDB Dairy deliver and how to make the most of the tools available.  These videos cover;

Understanding Genetic Indexes



Understanding Profit Rankings



The Herd Genetic Report



Selecting Sires and Dams



You can find out more about the potential of using sexed semen in your breeding programme by accessing our #Breed4Better campaign resources at