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Forage for Knowledge is a AHDB Dairy’s monthly newsletter about the latest research and advice on grass, forage and soil management and encourages efficient forage production systems and how they can become a key component of any dairy farm.

Feed and forage costs remain as one of the largest drivers of cost of production on GB dairy farms, improving the quantity a business can produce, the quality of forage grown and efficient utilisation of forages is a crucial element to maintaining competitiveness.

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AHDB Dairy uses monitor farms from across GB to measure and monitor weekly grass growth rates and fortnightly grass quality results throughout the grazing season.

The 12 farms across Great Britain use a mixture of spring, autumn and year-round calving systems across GB, and anywhere from 150 to 800 cows all with the goal of achieving a profit from grazing and quality forage.

Forage for Knowledge will follow these farms as they aim to maximise the supply of high-quality grazed and ensiled forages. The selected farmers are all excellent examples of good grassland management Meet the farmers

The newsletter includes many aspects of up-to-date technical information on grass and forage management, cutting-edge forage research from across the globe and regualr farmer case studies. As well as:

  • Farmer case studies monitoring the use of grass and forage across different calving systems.
  • Put your question to a range of grass, soil and nutrient management experts from across the industry
  • Monthly hints, tips and reminders to help manage your forage
  • Relevant grassland and forage events.

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