Common Clauses

Published 24 September 10

Contract management terms

In most cases the contract herdsperson is self-employed, effectively carrying out a service on behalf of the contracting agency. Several types of annually-renewed contract service may be available.

Common terms available include:

A 365-day contract, which would include all holiday and sickness cover. This option is likely to be the costliest but offers the farmer the most convenient and hassle-free option.

A 295-day contract, where the farm business provides relief cover for holidays.


Contract terms are also likely to cover:

All the recruitment costs being inclusive in the annual contract price.

A guaranteed supply of labour, meaning that if a contract worker is ill or leaves the job, the agency will supply a relief worker of equivalent standard within the original contract price.

Regular visits and meetings with customers and staff to monitor performance and standards.

Insurance to indemnify the farmer against any proven negligence of the contract worker, resulting in for example damage to farm property, injuries or harm caused to livestock or specific damage such as accidental contamination of bulk tank milk with antibiotic residues.

A guarantee that any accommodation provided by the farmer for a contract worker is insured to cover any damage or any necessary eviction proceedings and costs should a contract cease.

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